Claims Adjusting – Coverage Disputes

Claims Adjusting – Coverage Disputes can arise following a loss event. Hiring a reputable Public Adjuster is often advisable to assist with proper, timely notifications and accurate filings of your claim in order to maximize payment. If the insurance company still hasn’t made a good faith offer to settle the claim, call Mr. Sapourn.

Bad Faith and Unfair Claims Practices

Bad Faith and Unfair Claims Practices include wrongful denial of claims, withholding or delaying payments, failing to investigate claims, offering “lowball” settlements, and invalidly voiding an insurance policy after a claim has been presented.

Insurance Agent’s Errors & Omissions

Insurance Agent’s Errors & Omissions claims can arise when insurance agents fail to meet the appropriate standard of care with regard to dealings with customers and companies they represent.

Investment and Life Insurance Suitability

Investment and Life Insurance Suitability refers to the appropriateness of a life insurance policy, annuity or investment for a particular individual when the risks and benefits are considered in light of the purchaser’s age, financial status, financial objectives and tolerance for risk.

Florida’s Senior Suitability Law

Florida’s Senior Suitability Law was enacted in 2008 to protect senior citizens from becoming victims of abusive sales techniques that result in their purchase of unsuitable annuities. In 2013, this law was expanded to include persons of all ages.

Annuities, Suitability and Your Rights

Annuities, Suitability and Your Rights details Florida’s consumer protection laws relating to the sales of annuities.

Condominium Insurance Claims

Condominium Insurance Claims present unique problems when property damage occurs. Common Elements of the property are insured by the Condominium Association. Individual unit owners are responsible for insuring their own personal property and any interior fixtures not covered by the Association’s policy.

Policy Interpretation

Policy Interpretation requires in-depth analysis and evaluation of contracts which requires training and experience to understand. Mr. Sapourn uses his knowledge and experience to determine coverage, evaluates limitations and penalties, and arrives at a reasonable value for the claim presented.

Homeowner’s Claims Disputes

Homeowner’s Claims Disputes often require the expertise of an Insurance Attorney to help customers uncover and fight for all available policy benefits when damage occurs to their homes or businesses.

Sinkhole Coverage Claims

Sinkhole Coverage Claims can result from very costly damage caused by sinkhole activity. Retaining an expert can help navigate the laws pertaining to sinkholes and evaluate the customer’s policy for sinkhole coverage in order to secure the most favorable claim payment.

Commercial Property Claims

Commercial Property Claims are eligible for payment based on replacement cost limits set in the customer’s policy for Commercial Buildings and Business Personal Property. Payments for Business Interruption and other special business-specific coverages are also dependent on limits set in the policy.

Windstorm & Hurricane Claims

Windstorm & Hurricane Claims payments can often be maximized by hiring an experienced and reputable Insurance Lawyer to properly interpret the hurricane coverage and value the claims. Florida requires insurance policies to offer coverage for hurricane damage.

Flood Insurance Claims

Flood Insurance Claims often require that separate flood insurance be purchased by the homeowner in order to be covered. Standard Property and Homeowners policies typically exclude flood coverage.

Boat & Yacht Insurance Claims

Boat & Yacht Insurance Claims coverage depends on the owner purchasing appropriate Boat and Yacht insurance. This requires an understanding of Insurance Policy Construction, Maritime Law and the unique policy limitations regarding the seaworthiness of a vessel.

Premises Liability Accident Claims

Premises Liability Accident Claims result from accidents caused by negligent conditions on the premises of a business or other property. Most owners carry Liability Insurance to protect themselves in the event of such an occurrence.