Insurance Policy Interpretation and Construction Expert – Reviewing the Contracts

Insurance Policies are notoriously convoluted contracts that require training and experience to understand. As an insurance policy construction expert, Mr. Sapourn has spent almost 30 years studying, reading, interpreting, negotiating and placing the various standard and manuscripted insurance coverage forms. Understanding policy construction is the key that unlocks the answer to the question: “Am I covered?”

Mr. Sapourn has developed a proprietary system for reviewing the elements of an insurance contract. This system untangles the question of coverage in a relatively straightforward exercise.

Once the question of coverage is determined, then the policy must be evaluated for limitations and penalties hidden in its many trap doors.

The analysis finally leads to a reasonable value for the claim presented.
This methodology is used to negotiate the highest and fairest claim settlement.

When you need an Insurance Policy Construction Expert or a Policy Interpretation Expert you need look no further than Sapourn Insurance Consultants. Michael Sapourn has decades of experience in the insurance industry and understands the importance of careful policy construction to protect both you and your clients. Contact him today for specialized and expert help.

Navigating insurance policies requires a seasoned understanding of their complexities. Mr. Michael Sapourn, with over 30 years of experience, specializes in interpreting and evaluating these intricate contracts. His expertise spans studying, negotiating, and placing various insurance coverage forms, empowering clients with clarity on their coverage queries. Utilizing a proprietary system, Mr. Sapourn simplifies the process of deciphering policy language, particularly crucial when disputes with insurers arise. Beyond untangling coverage nuances, he meticulously evaluates policies for hidden limitations and penalties, ensuring clients are fully informed. Leveraging this comprehensive analysis, Mr. Sapourn advocates for the highest and fairest claim settlements, providing tailored assistance to clients in Melbourne Beach, Melbourne, Viera, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, and Orlando. If you’re grappling with understanding your insurance policy, Mr. Sapourn offers specialized attention to navigate the complexities effectively.

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