Insurance Agents should meet a certain standard of care with regard to their dealings with customers. Those dealings include cases involving failure to procure the coverage a client requested. In addition, when an agent assumes the duty to advise the customer, he may find himself litigating these issues:

  • Failure to recommend needed or required coverage
  • Failure to explain coverage limitations and offer solutions
  • Failure to periodically review and update coverage as conditions change
  • Failure to conduct proper due diligence on co-brokers
  • Failure to make prompt payment of premiums tendered to companies
  • Failure to investigate a company’s financial condition prior to placing or renewing coverage
  • Failure to give proper notice of cancellations or non-renewals
  • Issuing inaccurate Certificates of Insurance
  • Bad Faith Dealings

It is important to understand that not all agents are required to act as your advisor. If the relationship between your agent and you is simply one of “Buyer and Seller” of an insurance policy, then the agent’s basic duty is to procure the coverage requested by you or inform you if that coverage cannot be obtained. Once he meets his duty, he is not responsible for the failure of your coverage to cover all contingencies.

However, if your agent has made promises or assertions that he will provide additional services, such as periodic coverage reviews, then his failure to meet those promises may expose him to claims by you that your coverage was inadequate in the event of a loss. Analysis of these claims requires the review of an Insurance Expert to determine their merit.

Mr. Sapourn has 23 years of insurance industry experience in all these areas of agency conduct. He has been qualified as an expert in the Insurance Agent’s Standard of Care in Federal and state courts. He brings all of this industry experience to serving as counsel for you if an Agent has let you down.

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