Florida Windstorm Damage Hurricane Lawyer Policies are required to offer coverage for Hurricane Damage. Most Commercial Properties and Condominium Associations have the coverage included in their basic Property Insurance Contract or they write the coverage separately through Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

A “Hurricane” means a storm system declared a “Hurricane” by the National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service. Coverage continues during the time that Hurricane conditions exist anywhere in Florida and ends 72 hours following the termination of the last hurricane watch or warning.

Damage from hurricanes is generally subject to a higher deductible than the stated deductible on your policy for all other covered property losses. Hurricane deductibles are often stated as a percentage of the total Limit written on your “Dwelling” (Either 2%, 5%, or 10% of the stated Limit).

These devastating storms can leave a property owner in critical financial condition. Keep in mind that insurance companies face large losses to their Surplus when a major storm affects their policyholders. Many companies try to manage their losses by “low-balling”, delaying, or denying claims payments.

Preparing your “Proof of Loss” is a detailed and time-consuming project. A good Public Adjuster can often help assure you that you are getting a fair and just settlement while taking much of the paperwork off your hands. However, as in every business, not all Adjusters deal ethically. Florida windstorm attorney Michael Sapourn can quarterback your claim by selecting an ethical and experienced licensed Florida Public Adjuster. Together, the two will work to maximize your coverage by asking the right questions and by knowing the proper methods for valuing claims. If you need a Public Adjuster, call Mr. Sapourn.

However, if your insurance company simply will not offer a fair and just claim settlement, then you may need an experienced Florida Windstorm Damage Hurricane Lawyer. If that is the case, Contact Mr. Sapourn today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.