Mr. Sapourn spent 23 years running a large, privately-held insurance brokerage in the Washington, DC area. When a licensed Florida Public Adjuster, he adjusted substantial Homeowners and Commercial Property claims. He knows how the insurance industry operates from an insider’s perspective.

As a Homeowners Claims Disputes attorney, he brings the insurance expertise and background to his insurance litigation practice. If your insurance company is dragging their feet or refusing to pay your Florida Homeowners Insurance claim, you need the services of a knowledgeable attorney. Hurricane Insurance Claims and Fire Damage Insurance events can result in catastrophic losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies put their own bottom lines before customer concerns. Insurance company tactics include denying a claim that should otherwise be covered by asserting policy technicalities that must be challenged. Often, a company will make a “low-ball” offer in the hopes that an unprepared customer would rather take the money than fight for all available policy benefits.

Homeowners Claims Disputes insurance policies contain many benefits in addition to stated policy limits. A knowledgeable attorney or adjuster knows how to maximize policy payments by simply understanding where to find those hidden gems. Mr. Sapourn knows the questions to ask and the information required to maximize your claim payment.

Whether you suffered damage to your home or business in a hurricane, or from a fire or other event, and you are unable to secure the benefits you believe you should receive, you need the help of a knowledgeable Florida Insurance Attorney.

In the complex world of homeowner’s insurance claims, Michael Sapourn stands out as a trusted ally for consumers. With over two decades of experience running a leading insurance brokerage and firsthand knowledge as a licensed Florida Public Adjuster, Sapourn offers invaluable insights into the insurance industry’s inner workings. As a dedicated Homeowners Claims Disputes attorney, he is committed to helping clients facing challenges with their insurance companies. From navigating policy technicalities to maximizing claim payments, Sapourn’s expertise ensures that homeowners in Melbourne Beach, Melbourne, Viera, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, and Orlando receive the support they need to protect their interests and secure the benefits they deserve.