Wasim Niazi, MD

“I am a neurologist and run an imaging clinic. Everything we do is run by our extensive computer system. I was renewing my standard insurance policy and Michael Sapourn mentioned Cyber Liability coverage. I had never heard of such a policy nor did I care to buy one. During the next meeting Michael insisted that having such coverage would be a good idea. I reluctantly issued a check for about $3,000 for the coverage.

A few months later, early in the morning, I got that call… all office computer files were locked by cyber attackers. Even our back-ups were encrypted. Most of the operation was paralyzed.

Our Cyber Insurance Carrier was contacted. I was shocked how rapidly they got a law firm and a crypsis contractor involved, at their expense. They negotiated the ransom with the hackers and assisted in full de-encryption. It took about 2 weeks to restore us to normal operations, causing us major income losses. Luckily for us, we had enough insurance to cover most of our income losses as well.

I strongly recommend that every business in today’s day and age purchase Cyber Liability coverage.”