Condominium insurance claims lawyer present unique problems when property damage occurs. The Association owns the Common Elements; typically the Condo Building(s), common walkways, swimming pools, clubhouses, interior lobbies, community rooms, playgrounds, beaches, etc. The Condominium Association’s Master Property Insurance Policy will cover those items and perhaps some interior unit-owner property such as drywall, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom appliances. The Unit Owner is responsible to purchase a “Condo Unit-Owner’s Insurance Policy” designed to cover any interior fixture not covered by the Association Master policy, in addition to covering the unit owner’s furniture, clothing, appliances, and TVs, etc. It is therefore important to know what items the Association has taken responsibility for coverage under their Master Insurance plan by reviewing the Declaration of Condominium and its By-laws and matching that information to what the Master Policy covers.

Most Florida Condominium Insurance Claims Lawyer Policies will not cover routine maintenance, so the Association should build a sinking fund to have money on deposit that will pay for the cost of a new roof, and new railings, along with providing funds for the maintenance of the grounds, parking areas and swimming pools. Unexpected, large uninsured expenses may result in each unit owner participating in a special assessment to cover their part of those costs.

When Disaster Strikes in Florida – Catastrophic Loss

In Florida, we deal with catastrophic losses on a large scale due to hurricanes and storms. A condo owner may have more of a coverage need than a homeowner due to the complexity of insuring a condominium. Dishonest insurance companies can quickly take advantage of the confusion. Don’t let this happen to you. If you feel that your insurance provider is talking in circles contact a Florida Condominium Insurance Attorney immediately.

Due to usually having two insurance policies at play, it is much easier for insurers to be dishonest. Your insurer(s) will try to pay the least amount possible. This is not always the amount to which you are entitled. A lawyer will sort this out and make sure that you receive the benefits that you should get. After all, you held up your end by paying the premiums month after month! Now it is the insurance providers turn to pay.

When you have Florida Condominium Insurance Claims; when disaster strikes; you need a Florida Insurance Lawyer with the knowledge and experience to help you with your proof of loss. Mr. Sapourn had been a licensed insurance agent and public adjuster making him a lawyer with combined Insurance Industry experience exceeding 30 years. He knows how to present your claim in the most favorable light.

And when your insurance company simply doesn’t play fair you’ll need a Florida Insurance Lawyer to help prosecute your claim.